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There are a lot of things that I can cook, but there are way more things that I can't. I'd love to learn a whole lot more. To try really different recipes, to learn new techniques, to get to grips with things I've never tried, to soak up new knowledge. So I'm going to give it a go here. I'm going to be doing some research and lots of practice. I won't be able to inform you like the experts can (you'd better go to their websites for that) but I'd love you to join me as I experiment, send me any tips, and even have a go as well.

As well as soaking up new knowledge, I am also going to go on the hunt for the Best Recipe I can find for some old favourites, and I hope to... well, watch this space...

The Cook's Sponge and "Last Night" have been in the making for a very long time, and there are a few people on my mind as they finally hit cyberspace. KL - who knows this is less about the cooking and really all about the eating (never mind last night Katy, what are you having for dinner tonight?!).  RVR who unknowingly inspired the Last Night community many years ago by bemoaning her lack of ideas for dinner, yet impressing us with her chicken and crackers casserole. And this is really for KH - lined up to be my chief designer, critic, taster, supporter, listener and carrier of film to the camera shop. To think of doing this without him!


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  1. And goodness me how proud KH must be, right? FAB blog! xox


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